Our Green Policy

Here at Deebert House Hotel we recognise that our day to day activities have an impact on the environment. To show our appreciation of the environment and how we wish to do our part in reducing waste and making the world a 'Greener' place, we have taken specific actions to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce waste.

We are continually:

• Conserving energy

• Conserving water

• Reducing waste by re-using and recycling

• Educating, training and motivating staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to participate in developing new ideas and initiatives

• Communicating with our guests and providing information about local landscape biodiversity and activities with a low environmental impact in the area

As part of our environmental management we have:

• Installed a wood pellet boiler for all the hotels heat and hot water needs

• Controlled water usage in all taps and showers

• Replaced all lights with low energy alternatives

• Developed a waste management policy to ensure all waste is segregated into recyclable and non recyclable, to reduce waste going to landfill

• Developed a purchasing policy to ensure supplies are sourced locally to support the local economy, reduce transportation costs and reduce our carbon footprint by 

Even your water doesn't travel far, with a natural mineral well just feet from the hotel front door; you will enjoy fresh water bottled just for you with your meals and refreshments.